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Led Gen

This is exactly what you would imagine.  We build lists of targeted prospects, hunt for contact info and serve it up to you on a silver platter.  You own the data and have the power to use it when and how you'd like. 

Sales groups are familiar with this model and Recruiting organizations are beginning to adopt this model as they are quickly realizing the benefits of having the data and control in their hands which could reduce their cost-per-hire by about 75% of the industry average!

You can choose to just purchase valuable lists of prospects... or we can take it a step further for you.  As an added bonus, we can help you source your list of prospects and/or manage the initial email outreach campaigns and just filter you the interested responses.  Now that's what we call SCALABLE!

 for Recruitment & Sales Teams

Scale to perfectly fit your needs... customize our level of effort by choosing from one or multiple areas of support below.

Expert Sourcing

Searching for new talent to hire into your organization?  Targeting a fresh batch of clients?  We have tons of expereince idenitfying the right people, so rely on our precision and accuracy while your team focuses on other elements of the process.

Contact Hunting

Build your database and pipeline with prospect's contact info that you can leverage today, tomorrow and beyond.  You will own the data we give you, which is critical for future efforts.  Cost savings will be recognized as you can tap into the same lists down the road rather than spending time & money on a new search!

Effective Outreach

No time to manage effective message content, or email campaign traffic?  We'll handle that for you, in volume, and pump interested prospects to your inbox or calendar.  Just be ready to handle the volume...

Let us help you!


LOW RESPONSE RATE from the candidates you'd like to reach

CONTACT HUNTING and DATA ENTRY is extremely time consuming, expensive and slows down the recruiting process


Tough to reach the PASSIVE TALENT



Skip the inefficient and expensive career site messages – GET verified contact info for your targeted candidate list to leverage today and for the future.

Outsource the necessary evil of finding contact info and adding it to your database.

Keep a constant pipeline of candidates delivered to you on a regular basis.

Reach the Passive Talent directly with verified contact info and compelling messaging.

Engage the candidates you're interested in at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting models. Keep the data to see increased savings over time.


We leverage an expansive network and dozens of tools to identify contact information for candidates.  We can provide you with  spreadsheet or even begin an initial messaging campaign on your behalf.

Within 48 hours you’ll have a data rich sheet of your targeted candidate contact list with verified contact info.

Our team will always make sure that our database is updated and active to ensure the quality of pipeline for our clients. 

Good passive talent gets bombarded by Recruiters daily.  This is a distraction for them and they tend to disable career site notifications and only login when they want to. Messages don’t get seen in time, if ever.

The Industry average for a direct-placement or RPO model often exceeds 16k for hires. Our Lead Gen Model will provide you the same candidates and results at a fraction of the cost.


Augment a specific piece or the entire Talent Acquisition process. Our customizable delivery models allow you to choose how involved we are in the process, control our level of engagement, and ultimately control your cost.  Anything from sourcing all the way up to full-lifecycle recruitment.  Choose from pay-per-hire, hourly, or monthly retainer fee structures.

Staff Augmentation - Direct Hire

Engage our team to recruit candidates that you want to hire directly into your organizationWe will present pre-screened, interested candidates to you that most recruiters have difficulty reaching and engaging. 


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We can act as a completely scalable extension of your organization or recruiting department. Together we'll customize the perfect delivery model to seamlessly integrate with your team, systems and processes.  You choose which parts of the Recruiting process you want us to handle.  Anything from sourcing projects to full-lifecycle recruitment.  Choose from flexible billing models

  • Retained Search

  • Candidate Pipeline Services

  • Candidate Sourcing

  • Candidate Screening

  • Hourly Recruitment

  • Hybrid (Retainer w/ placement bonus)

Business Process


Talent Acquisition Strategy

We build a tight partnership with our clients to fully understand their business model, goals, and gaps throughout our expert consultative approach. We can build recruiting organizations from scratch or enhance and augment various parts of your existing processes and systems.

  • Process Design

  • Systems Implementation

  • Training and Development

  • Metrics and KPI Benchmarking

  • Deep Market Research (360-degree view of your targeted prospect)

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