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Why choose SCOUT?

We're a one-stop-shop for all of your full-lifecycle recruiting and sales lead generation needs. We support Recruiting organizations, Sales teams, and Marketing groups.  Our unique approach is disrupting the recruiting industry and amplifying sales leads as our system produces high-volume, quality prospects at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting and lead generation fees.  We partner with you to identify areas of your operation where we can add value by relieving you of the countless hours & dollars spent trying to identify the hidden talent & difficult to reach prospects. SCOUT Solutions is equipped with the prowess & cutting-edge tools to keep your pipeline full of the targeted prospects you need. The best part is, we are completely customizable and scalable to fit exactly what your team needs.

Service Offerings

Lead Generation

​Geared towards Recruiting and Sales Organizations.  Our cutting-edge software tools and processes will produce data-rich lists of targeted prospects, equipped with 50+ data points and a 360-degree view of each prospect with validated contact info. Grow your database and pipeline exponentially.  Our most scalable and cost-effective  offering that allows you to retain more control.


Augment specific pieces or the entire Talent Acquisition process. Our customizable RPO models allow you to control how involved we are in the process and ultimately control your cost. We'll act as a true extension of your Recruiting team and can handle anything from just sourcing all the way to full-lifecycle recruitment. Choose from pay-per-hire, hourly, or monthly retainer models. 

Business Process Consultation

Trust our team of experts with decades of industry knowledge and years of experimenting with the best-in-class tools, processes, and team structures to maximize your R.o.I. in recruitment and sales!  Learn how we can re-engineer certain processes or overhaul your entire delivery model.  You can't be afraid of change, or cutting-edge technology tools that'll have you running more efficiently.

Results Matter

just like MUSIC...

Maximize results and effectiveness as we keep your pipeline flowing, allowing you to focus your time and energy on the human elements and closing deals. 

Uncover the hidden talent and tough to reach prospects through multiple channels via our high-tech software tools and efficient processes.

Scale our level of effort to meet your specific needs. Turn the volume up or down as your business demands change.

Improve your R.O.I. with stronger response rates and substantial engagement with the quality targeted prospects that lead to results.

Cost-Savings when you allocate SCOUT to parts of your process. We bring more speed, efficiency, expertise, and results per dollar than other in-house Recruiting and Sales teams.

Roaring Reviews


"The SCOUT team always brings creativity to its sourcing strategy.  They are able to get to the passive candidates effectively, so we consistently receive new candidates that we haven't seen before. SCOUT's Candidate Lead Generation model is very unique and we ended up hiring candidates for a fraction of the cost of using a traditional RPO company.  They also customized their delivery model to meet our unique needs."


Manager, Talent Acquisition

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