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SCOUT Solutions Plans and Pricing

Choose a plan.

Control your spend.

Keep your eyes on the prize.


Interested and Relevant Candidates Delivered On-Demand

  • Sourcing

  • Find verified contact info

  • Analytics & metrics

  • Email campaigns

  • Warm Leads Delivered

Per list of targeted prospects


We Hunt and Provide a Data-Rich List of Relevant Candidates

  • Sourcing

  • Find verified contact info

  • Analytics & metrics

  • You'll own the data-rich list of candidates that you can reach out to for years to come

Per list of targeted prospects


Bobcat + Tiger Packages Combined

  • Sourcing

  • Find verified contact info

  • Analytics & metrics

  • Email campaigns

  • Warm Leads Delivered

  • You'll own the data-rich list of candidates

Per list of targeted prospects

Starts at $2,000/package

*Pricing may vary based on client specifications






5 - 10 Packages = 10% Discount

11+ Packages = 15% Discount

for Recruiting & Sales Teams

Save time & money spent on hunting your ideal candidates or clients. Rely on SCOUT to keep your pipeline flowing with hard to reach prospects, allowing your team to remain focused on closing deals and reaching goals. Improve results exponentially for a fraction of the price of typical industry fees, likely for data you can't make sense of....

Staff Augmentation

Engage our team to recruit candidates that you want to hire directly into your organization.  We will present a plethora of pre-screened, interested candidates to you that most recruiters have difficulty reaching and engaging.

Direct Hire - Contingency Fee

SCOUT Solutions offers pure contingency search services. Give us a job description and we will provide best-in-class talent for you to consider hiring directly into your organization. Not the least expensive option, but No commitment & Zero risk for you....You don't pay a dime unless you hire a candidate we present you!

Retained Search - Flat Fee

SCOUT Solutions offers a “tiered flat-fee” model based on salary level of hired candidates.


You put a little "skin in the game" with a modest retainer and you'll lower your cost per hire by 35% compared to Direct Hire.  The retainer fee is refundable if we are unable to produce a minimum of 3 qualified & interested candidates per position.  This model gives you guaranteed dedication to each search secured with about a quarter of the projected total fee.  The retainer fee is also deducted from the total fee for the placement.

Average Direct-Here fee is 20-30% of base salary

*Pricing varies on scope of work and commitment level




Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We can act as a completely scalable extension of your organization or recruiting department. We can customize a perfect delivery model to seamlessly integrate with your team.  You choose which parts of the Recruiting process you want us to handle.  Anything from sourcing projects to full-lifecycle recruitment.  Choose from flexible billing models. 

Hourly Contract Recruiting

We offer full-time or part-time hourly recruitment support. SCOUT Solutions can perform in any capacity ranging from just sourcing all the way up to full life-cycle recruitment. We'll bring our tools but can work within your system! Pricing varies based on length of contract and level of effort.

HYBRID (Monthly Retainer w/ Placement Bonus)

Like the hourly model, this model is completely customizable in terms of our level of involvement, anything from just sourcing to full life-cycle recruitment. The only difference is, we work at a reduced hourly rate (paid in the form of a monthly retainer) and we are incentivized with a modest bonus amount for each candidate you hire from us.

Average RPO rate is $70/hr

*Pricing varies on scope of work and commitment level

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